Xiamen a woman "landlord" more than one room to rent more than 15 people 15 million yuan

Lin told the police to pay a rent of 19500 yuan Wu
East reporter (reporter Jinchuan) parents live in public rental, frequently posted by her low-rent, many people pay half a year after the rent, she was shirk for various reasons, tenants can not stay. Yesterday, Xiamen Siming Lian before the police station informed that Wu was obsessed with gambling, lower than the market price of the parents living in the two rooms and one living room, has defrauded 9 people 15 million yuan rent. May 11, Mr. Fu alarm that its May 2 in the 58 city network to see a rental information, said the bridge is located in the two city hall to rent, 2700 yuan per month. Think of the price than the surrounding are lower, Mr. Fu immediately with the publisher Wu, and agreed to showings. "House clean, there are simple furniture, coupled with the price concessions will not hesitate." Mr. Fu said, on the spot signed a lease contract and transfer to each other 10,400 yuan rent. But to the check-in time, Wu but the mother can not move to let the extension of his stay and other excuses delay. Mr. Fu found cheated after the alarm quickly. By comparing the information provided by the police Wu, found that the information is true, after further online comparison, found Wu on May 7 with its rental information rental mobile phone alarm that the electric car was smashed, the reason is A house in the overseas Chinese rented rented to others. May 11 afternoon, Lin told the police to pay a rent of 19500 yuan, the property office that the rent has been rented to others, and Wu refused to return the rent. The next few days, a total of six people alarm, the rent involved are also the same set. Police comprehensive analysis of the judge, that the case may be a series of fraud. After investigation, found the housing system of public rental housing, housing use for Wu (female, 45 years old, Xiamen) father. Police door to see, the father said the Department of the government rented to his low rent to use the public rental, the provisions shall not be sublet, the current room for their own use, and not to sublet. The original, Wu every time with people showings, will first take their parents, charge a pay three is 2700 yuan per month, one-time payment for six months, you can more concessions 100 yuan, many victims see such concessions will pay half a year Of the rent, Wu a room and more rent, and received a prepaid rent in a variety of ways after the delay, to avoid, when the victim was forced to return the appropriate point of rent to eliminate the victim concerns. May 13, the police went to arrest when the flutter of a space, Wu has been fear of escape. May 17, the police arrested in the Jimei. After the trial, the suspect Wu confessed, its obsession gambling and in order to repay the gambling due to the usury, then in the 58 city network, small fish net and other sites to publish false rental information to 2,100-2,600 yuan per month rent Room rents the way of fraud, a total of 9 cases of total fraud amounted to 15 million, the proceeds have been squandered money. At present, the suspect Wu Moubin has been under criminal detention, the case is still further investigation.

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