Ministry of Communications: Spring Festival passenger flow peak coming soon to visit relatives and friends accounted for 78%

All localities to strengthen the spring transport market regulation
January 19 (Reporter Qiao Xuefeng) January 19, the reporter learned from the Ministry of Transportation, a regular press conference, since the spring of 2017 since the beginning of January 13, the Spring Festival in general stable and orderly, rapid growth of passenger flow , Is expected to peak passenger flow before the holiday will appear in the twelfth lunar month twenty to three to twenty nine. According to the Ministry of Transport and Development and Reform Commission commissioned by third parties to carry out the "invite you to the Spring Festival" online survey data analysis and network platform monitoring shows that the purpose of travel, travel to visit relatives and friends, accounting for 78%; Holiday travel accounted for 14%, compared to previous years has improved. Hot spots hub, Beijing South Railway Station and West Railway Station, Shanghai Hongqiao hub, Guangzhou South Railway Station, Shenzhen North Station passenger density the largest; purchase methods, the mobile Internet has become the main passenger ticket channels. In order to create a more convenient, warm and safe travel environment, the national transportation system from the transport organization, service initiatives, security and overall planning, careful organization, to do the work of the Spring Festival. In the transport organization, on the one hand, increase the capacity of the deployment. The railway system to arrange a daily passenger train 3570.5 pairs; road into the operating passenger car 840,000, the daily frequency of nearly 2.5 million; water into the ship about 2 million ships, more than 100 million passengers; civil aviation daily scheduled flights more than 10,000 Frequency, to protect the needs of the majority of travelers travel. On the other hand, to strengthen the transport services convergence. Local transport management departments in close connection with the work of civil aviation and railway departments to strengthen road transport, urban passenger and railway, civil aviation capacity convergence, smooth passenger travel "first and last mile." In the service initiatives, the local transport departments in conjunction with the relevant departments in-depth organization of the Spring Festival "full of travel" activities, and strive to make passengers satisfied, go comfortable. One is to improve the ticket service. The railway system through the door ticket, advance booking group tickets and round-trip ticket and other services to facilitate students, workers booking. 24 provinces to complete the road passenger network ticketing system construction, visitors to buy off-site car tickets more convenient. The second is to improve the passenger waiting environment. Supervise the passenger terminal station strictly enforce the service standards, improve the passenger security, waiting, catering, shopping environment. During the Spring Festival, with the railway phase of the national two or more bus terminal 24 hours open waiting room and provide free water. Third, strengthen the road network Pao work. Give full play to the advantages of the national network of ETC system, comprehensively strengthen the management of highway toll stations, improve vehicle traffic efficiency. Increase the intensity of road inspection and found that emergency situations in a timely manner, quickly get through. Fourth, regulate the transport market order. All localities to strengthen the spring transport market regulation, crack down on overweight, illegal operation, rejection of passenger and other illegal acts. Give full play to 12328,12306,12305 and other industry hotline role, smooth the interests of the masses appeal channels. In the security, the security as the most important work of the Spring Festival, and more measures to comprehensively strengthen the safety supervision. First, strict implementation of safety supervision system. Organization of railway transport enterprises to strengthen the transport facilities and equipment testing and maintenance, and strictly implement the safety production standards, to strengthen real-time monitoring of traffic equipment; relying on key operations vehicle network control system to strengthen the dynamic monitoring of road passenger vehicles, strict implementation of long-distance bus 2-5 pm Resting or implementing feeder transport. Supervise the Hong Kong and Hong Kong enterprises to implement the "waterway passenger transport real name system management regulations" to strengthen the dangerous cargo terminal inspection and maintenance of the daily operation of the ship; strict aviation operation and management standards , To strengthen the operation control, to ensure flight safety. Second, in-depth investigation and rectification of security risks. Recently, I sent six inspection teams, assigned to the country's 14 key provinces to carry out security checks, and organize other provinces to carry out cross-examination, to find hidden problems, to promote legislation to change, to eliminate signs of the accident. Railway Bureau, Civil Aviation Authority also sent a special inspection team, in-depth spring line to carry out security checks to ensure smooth and orderly spring. Third, effectively improve the emergency response capacity. All for bad weather, passenger surge and other emergencies, and further refine and improve the emergency transport plan, strengthen the emergency capacity and material reserves, strengthen the advance forecast, early warning and prevention, proper disposal of emergencies, to create a safe spring. page Author: Qiao Xuefeng (Source: People - CNBC)

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